Realm of the Citadel

Government: Meritocratic Dictatorship
Current Ruler: Vanquisher Kelxirys.

Capital: Djerad Thymar
Major Races: Dragonborn, Human (Mulan)
Main Language: Draconic
Major Religions: None. Presence of Cults to Tiamat and Bahamut
Current Status: At war (with the terrorists of the Untheric liberation army and its mercenries (Tensions with Akanûl)

Built atop the ruins of Unther, the realm of the dragonborn brought in with the Blue Breath of Change is a strong and martial-oriented nation with a fierce hatred for dragons. As former slaves to draconic overlords, they hunt any dragons with great pleasure and have forged a solid reputation as expert in dragon killing. Most citizens of Tymanther live in the mighty citadel of Djerad Thymar, an impressive fortress that would make the best dwarven architects jealous.

Tymanther is considered at peace but the martial dragonborn always remain wary of dragons and consider the stone giants in the Black Ash Plain their enemies. As new settlers, they first consolidated their martial might then signed trade agreements with their neighbors. The only nation that Tymanther considers a real enemy is Akanûl, as the two exiled races were traditional opponents in their former lands.


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