The Saffron Crusade- Capture of Ormpur

Ormpur, the City of Saffron
Former holy city of Tiamat


Date: Flamerule 1484 to end of Mirtul 1485

Opposing forces:
Mercenaries (Crimson Talons) hired by Barakvar Askulder and backed by Delzimmer
Loyalists working for the deposed General Awar Cor Marak and the Church of Tiamat

Major battles/operations:

  • Death of Solonepsis the Red, Dragon Protector of Ormpur
  • Operation Bloodsword (Tracking the terrorist cells in the streets of Ormpur)
  • Operation Amphisbaena (The Capture of a terrorist leader)
  • Battle of Ormpur (against the gnoll tribes allied with the terrorist)

Most of the terrorist cells were disbanded, the gnolls were pushed back into the Shaar and the city remains under True Suikh Askulder’s control. The Order of the Blue Flame took over as peacekeepers.

The Saffron Crusade- Capture of Ormpur

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