The Crimson Talons


Base of operations: Gate of Iron Fangs (HQ), Delzimmer, Chavyondat, Ormpur

Leader: Numestra Aporos

Number of members: 1300 approx

General Alignment: Unaligned

Members of the Command Structure
- General Numestra Aporos
- Commander Erastus Tilden, oversees cavalry and recruiting
- Colonel Cadmus Karanok, oversees magical matters
- Colonel Orel Dotsk, in charge of infantry and archers
- Quartermaster Pradir Datharathi, in charge of logistics
- Battlelord Ivor Katernin, oversees discipline, morale and religious matters
- Spymaster Blue Ghost, in charge of intelligence
- Lady Knight Zara Sernet, General Aporos’ aide


- 1st Talon (Infantry, 380 men) led by Sergeant Two-Fists
- 2nd Talon (Infantry, 480 men) led by Colonel Orel Dotsk Decimated in an attack by the Everlasting Wyrm in Chavyondat
- 3rd Talon (Archers, 100 men) led by Captain Thorn of Dambrath
- 4th Talon (Cavalry, 50 men) led by Captain Iqbal Albhariq
- The Beak (Warmages, 20 men) led by Colonel Cadmus Karanok
- Bird Eyes (Scouts, 25 men) led by Spymaster Blue Ghost

Battle Chaplains
- Battlelord Ivor Katernin of Tempus, leading the Company of the White Mare (15)
- Lady Knight Zara Sernet of Red Knight, leading the Company of the Holy Lanceboard (5)
- Knight Doomguide Kiral Sabbagh of Kelemvor, leading the Company of the Faceless Judge (10)
- High Engineer Dain Garkul of Gond, leading the Company of Strategic Inspiration (4)

- Equipment and Treasury: Master Procurer Pradir Datharathi (15 men)
- Stewardship of the Headquarters: Galahaerd Cormaeril (15 men)

Major Operations
The War of the Maerwatch (Chessenta)
The Purple Strike (Plains of Purple Dust)
Operation Hyena (Northern Gnollwatch Mountains)
Strikes in the Shining Sea (Almraiven and the Mhair Archipelago)
The War of the Shores (Akanul and Chessenta)
The Capture of Ormpur (Former Lapaliiya)
The Defense of Tymanther

Founded in 1471 DR by a young Chessentan noble, this army has won countless battles over the eleven years it has been in activity and gained a reputation of bold and efficient soldiers completely loyal to their general. The banner depicting two birds of prey, a helm and a sword with words in Untheric written underneath is now known and respected throughout the Scarred South and seen as a symbol of victory and efficiency.

The Crimson Talons

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