The Beastlands

Confederation of Monstrous Cities

Government: Tribal
Current Rulers: Beast Lords (One for every city in the Confederation)

Capital: Tirumala (The Beastlord there, Rajah Tirumala, is one of the most powerful Beastlord)

Major Races: Human (Durpari), Goblin, Kenku
Main Language: Untheric
Major Religions: Malar, Gruumsh, Bane, Cyric and Tiamat. Some Demonic cults present as well.

Current Status: At war (Estagund)

Long time ago, the plains of Veldorn were part of the merchant realm of Durpar but an army of monsters overran and conquered it. Now, the land is divided among the numerous tribes led by powerful Beastlords. Each lord vies against the other to gain more territory and power but they occasionally unite when a threat appears.

The most powerful Beastlords include a rakshasa, a kenku, a fomorian and a dragon. They are served by armies of goblins, giants and undead as well as human slaves.

In the recent years, a pact was forged between the merchant realm of Durpar and the Beastlords. In exchange for vast sums of money and slaves, the bandits working for the monsters stopped targeting Durpari caravans. This act brought retaliation from the other merchant realm, Estagund. Even though a war has been declared, the conflict is very subtle and covert operations are usually used by each side.

The Beastlands

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