Modern History of the Scarred South

1369 DR
War of Gold and Gloom
A large group of crusading gold dwarves leave the Great Rift to reclaim the ancient Realm of Deep Shanatar. To stop the expansion of their rivals, the duergar of Dunnspeirrin march towards the mythical dwarven city as well. A war soon erupts between the two dwarven nations.

1373 DR
The Dragon-King of Chessenta, Tchazzar returns, uniting the feuding City-States of Chessenta under his banner.

1383 DR
In the ruins of Shanatar, the gold dwarves discover a bigger threat to the region and an alliance of dwarves, gray and gold, muster their troops and attack the illithid city of Oryndoll. In the end, the mind flayer army is shattered but the dwarven legions, led by the First Urgrosh Brokash and the Dark Gauntlet Steelclaw, lose more than half their number. Leading the biggest army, the honorable First Urgrosh orders the clerics to tend all the wounded and allows the duergars to return to their lands.

1385 DR
The Spellplague hits Faerun.

1387 DR
Drow survivors from the Underdark attack the dwarven city of Underhome and take it from the gold dwarves. The Deep Lords move to Eartheart and forbid anyone to return to the ancient capital city.

1389 DR
A mysterious obsidian citadel appears in the sky over Cormyr and rapidly shifts towards the Sea of Fallen Stars.

First incursions of the Abolethic Sovereignty on the Southern shores of the Sea of Fallen Stars. Akanûl and Chessenta are attacked and their borders overrun by aberrant creatures.

1390 DR
The Merchant Wars
With most of their cities captured or destroyed by the monsters sent from the The Beastlands, Durpar is sent into chaos and, soon, a civil war starts when the most powerful merchant house, Chaka Datharathi, decides to make peace with the Beastlords and starts trading with them. With the help of monster mercenaries sent from the West and the use of magical crystals discovered by the Chaka, the Datharathi takes power in Vaelan.

1392 DR
The War of Ash
After repelling attacks coming from the Blash Ash Plain, the dragonborn of Tymanther dispatch an army to bring down the population of ash giants. In a matter of months, the stone giants are almost wiped out by the forces of the Vanquisher.

1393 DR
First pilgrimages towards the Plaguewrought Lands. The Order of Blue Fire gains predominance in Ormpetarr.

1399 DR
After a decade of bloodshed, the forces of Chessenta repel the aberrant invaders and a new war hero emerges, Ishual Karanok. He unites the City-States of Chessenta under his banner like Tchazzar had done in the past.

1429 DR
The capital city of Akanûl, Brassune, is destroyed in a surprise attack by the Abolethic Sovereignty after several years without any major incursions. The displaced genasi resettle in the ruined city of Aispur and restore it as their new capital.

1432 DR
The Orc Tribe of the Flaming Spike, displaced from its home in Airspur, engages the genasi and tries to take back the city. The orcs fail miserably and are sent back into the Akanapeaks by the Steward of Fire, Emere Gel-Kai.

1435 DR
The gold dwarves of the East Rift finally complete the modifications to Eartheart and declare it their capital city. It is now a fortress built directly on the sides of the canyon. Within months, the Riftedge Towers, guard about a third of the Underchasm. The Church of Gond is officially invited to build temples in the realm, a gesture made by the Deep Lords to thank the gondsmen for their help in the restoration of the dwarven kingdom.

1438 DR
After the death of her father, nephew to War Hero Ishual Karanok, the warrior Shala ascends to the throne of Chessenta. She proves herself in more than a few battles against abolethic horrors and also against dragons trying to gain foothold in the countryland.

1471 DR
The Maerwatch War
The Bloodied Axe, a particularly large and well equipped tribe of orcs living in the Maerwatch Hills, starts raiding the area surrounding the independant city of Saden. The forces of General Numestra Aporos are hired to back the soldiers of the assailed city.

1472 DR
After one year of guerrilla warfare in the Maerwatch, the sellsword general, now in charge of the defense of Saden, decides to bring the battle to the orcs and enters Bloodied Axe territory. After a few skirmishes, they finally locate the horde leader and Aporos challenges him into duel. The Chessentan commander wins the combat while the shaman of the tribe is captured. The horde is disbanded and the bold mercenary gains her first nickname: The Red Maiden.

1474 DR
The Purple Strike
After the kidnapping of his infant son, the Nawab of Chaka Bhatnagar, a powerful merchant house, hires the Red Maiden to get back his son. After an investigation in Chaviyondat and the neighboring cities, it is revealed that a mysterious cult is responsible for the crime and that it hides in the Plains of Purple Dust. Bringing her best men with her, the soldier enters the purple wasteland and locates the young boy. Even though she saves the kid, she returns to Estagund’s capital with less than half her men.

1475 DR
Operation Hyena
After a particularly bloody raid from the Quinix gnoll tribe on one of their caravans, the merchant lords of Delzimmer decide to hire mercenaries to get rid of the savages. Having heard of the Red Maiden’s reputation, they send an offer to the general, resting in Chaviyondat. If she can remove the gnolls from their hideout, an old fortress named Gate of Iron Fangs, she will become the sole owner of the building. The contract also includes money and supplies if she accepts to patrol the land that were considered gnoll territory. Six months later, the gnolls and their demon masters are either dead or fleeing. The Gate becomes Aporos’ headquarters.

Strikes on the Shining Sea
The same year, the Weave Pasha of Almraiven hires Aporos to hunt down pirates who are disturbing trade in the Shining Sea. She completely destroys the pirates’ base of operations and sinks the fleet’s flagship, killing the self-proclaimed “Pirate King”, Silas Yargo.

1479 DR
The War of the Shores
Xxiphu reappears on the shores of Akanûl and sends an army of unnamed horrors against the Land of Elemental Spires and Chessenta. The neighboring countries form an alliance and hire mercenaries led by Numestra Aporos to back them up. After five years of contract, the Alliance, facing serious financial problems, does not renew the sellswords’ contract. Thanks to the mercenaries’ daring strategies, the aboleths of Xxiphu have reduced the number of attacks on the two countries but the war has not officially ended.

1480 DR
The Drow attack the Riftedge Towers. Thankfully, a young Delver named Gardain Coppersmith had warned the Dwarfs of the imminent attack. The Dwarfs hold the Towers and a long war begins in the depths.

1481 DR
The Drow are defeated. Gardain Coppersmith, savior of the Rift, mysteriously disappears.

1483 DR
The Blacksaddle dynasty in the Border Kingdoms is overthrown by mercenaries working for Amakhar Cor Marak. He takes over the title of Baron of Blacksaddle. His father acquires the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd, a magical armor blessed by the Father of Battles.

1484 DR
The Capture of Ormpur
The legitimate heir to the throne of Ormpur, living in exile in Delzimmer under another name, hires the Red Maiden to take back the City of Saffron from the actual High Suikh. As the city is known to be impregnable, mainly because of the presence of a red dragon guardian, all the general’s advisers encourage her to refuse the offer. She ignores them and, using bold tactics, takes the city in a day after killing the dragon. She almost dies in the battle with Solenopsis but miraculously exits the fire, gaining another nick name: The Phoenix of Ormpur.

1485 DR
3rd day of Alturiak
Ashlan, Cotazym, Lucius le Rouge, Richard Roe, Tristan Vryloka and Vondal the Grim are recruited by the Crimson Talons

4th day to 19th of Alturiak
First mission of the Crimson Talons’ newest recruits. They successfully bring back a mysterious box stolen by gnolls of the Hungry Fangs.

8th day of Ches
Kintas Enkal, advisor to the True Suikh of Ormpur and representative of the Delzmaer merchants, is killed in his house by the rebels.

9th day of Ches to 2nd day of Tarsakh
The Crimson Talons start Operation Bloodsword to track down and eliminate Ormpurian resistance cells. Blue Ghost’s agents are sent to infiltrate the Dragon’s Den to free an assassin who wishes to collaborate in exchange for his liberation.

10th day of Ches
Interrogation of “Little Fish” partners operating in the Port. With the information gathered from the captured assassins (later reluctantly executed), they start tracking the rebels’ suppliers who seem to be operating out of Ormpur’s orphanage.

11th day of Ches
The leader of the supplying cell sends a message to Blue Ghost’s agents and propose a meeting to negotiate terms. The meeting takes place in Solonepsis’s Park, the late guardian dragon’s lair. The rebel leader, using the orphanage’s dominated caretaker as a proxy, tries to convince the mercenaries to join the rebellion. The deal fails when the sellswords realize the cleric of Tiamat is using children as her main agents. Once captured, the Ghostwise Halfling offers information in exchange of some concessions from the True Suikh. She reveals the identity of one of the leaders of the rebellion, an powerful merchant named Faustus Aveneil.

12th day of Ches
The scouts are ordered to leave Ormpur and to travel to the Iron Fortress, an abandoned fortification where Aveneil is hiding. As his hideout is surrounded by mercenaries, foot soldiers lead by Major Duath Lantheon will accompany them as back up. They are to bring back the merchant alive for a debriefing.

22th day of Ches
After a dangerous journey where they faced a sandstorm, aberrant cattle and gnolls, the mercenaries reach the Fortress with the help of their Lion allies. The same day, they invade the camp of the mercenaries surrounding the fortress, learning about their motives and about the existence of a secret entrance to the old castle.

Inside, they find yuan-ti working on a ritual that will transform the dying Aveneil, cursed to suffer a slow and painful death, into one of their own. The merchant, working hard to prepare everything for his metamorphose, confirms that he was cursed by the priest of Tiamat leading the rebels for his participation in the death of Solonepsis, Ormpur draconic guardian.

Realizing that the serpentfolk tricked the merchant into becoming a mindless slave, the sellswords neutralizes them and works on their own altered version of the ritual destined to effectively turn him into a yuan-ti but free-willed. Before they can start, they are interrupted by a battle outside of the fortress: Belfador’s Hounds were trying to penetrate the castle through the secret entrance but were surprised by Major Lantheon’s men. Without hesitation, the scouts join the fray and dispatch the leadership group with difficulties.

After a short rest, Lucius, Ashlan and Cotazym start the incantation as Roe, Vondal and Tristan help them with the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, two of the casters faint and the ritual fails, transforming the poor merchant into a histachii, a servant creature of the yuan-ti.

23th day of Ches
Departure from the Iron Fortress with new recruits from the ranks of Belfador’s Hounds who surrendered, a few yuan-ti prisoners and the mindless Faustus, following the scouts’ orders unquestionably.

3rd day of Tarsakh
Return to Ormpur. Debriefing with Blue Ghost.

7th day of Tarsakh
First meeting with the Red Maiden, Numestra Aporos at a banquet in Ormpur.

8th day of Tarsakh
Departure for the Border Kingdoms.

18th day of Tarsakh
Arrival at Bloutar.

19th day of Tarsakh
Meeting with Haslan Faerndar of Waukeen (senechal to the Baron of Blacksaddle), Darensalius (an explorer visisting the village) and Ghiscar the Elder (a ranger allied with the faeries living in the woods).

22th day of Tarsakh
Entering the Forest of Qurth to meet with Ghiscar the Elder’s ally who has information on the Baron and his plans.

24th day of Tarsakh
Meeting with Fionnghuala, the mirage dragon who charges them to do a prank on Darensalius. She says that by doing so, “they will find what they came to seek but also that they will hate what they will learn.”

26th day of Tarsakh
Return to Bloutar after a fight with ettercaps and spiders. They succeed in switching the statuette in Darensalius’ room but provoke an explosion that partially destroys the room. In the papers found on the dragonborn’s desk, they discover that the Baron used a portal to bring his mercenaries into Ormpur and that with the help of the rebellion and gnolls, they plan to take back the City of Saffron. There is also a plan to neutralize General Aporos and to steal some of her possessions.

27th day of Tarsakh
After getting some rest in a remote cabin and discussing with an agent of the fey, the Birdeyes move to infiltrate Fort Bloodsword and, after successfully bribing its beholder guardian, pass through the portal leading the Ormpur. There, they meet with Speelock the kobold of the Crimson Talons who informs them about the enemy movement in the city.

After a quick stop at the Solonepsis Park, the mercenaries infiltrate the Fortress of the Foehammer, the Crimson Talons HQ, disputed with the invading forces. Easily dispatching a small group of Belfador’s Hounds, the scouts then entered the Red Maiden’s private quarters and stopped assassins from terminating the Talons’ charismatic leader, capturing a priest of Tiamat and a dragonborn blackguard leading the mission.

Later, they are asked by General Aporos to find her second in command, Erastus Tilden, to get an update on the status of the troops and to assess which part of the conflict needs urgent attention. The group of Birdeyes locate the commander at the Earthmother’s Green House, resisting to aerial attacks from a ferocious grey dragon. The fight proved to be a tough one, the draconic creature evading many attacks thanks to his flight and enduring the biggest hits from his opponents. The fact that the dragon seemed obcessed in killing Commander Tilden helped the scouts and through good use of strategy, teamwork and well placed hits from Vondal, the monster was finally brought down. Tilden revealed that his own scouts had stumbled upon a group of siege ingineers and elite soldiers who were working on a way to breach the walls of the True Suikh’s palace to capture the city leaders. They were about to enter the temple when the dragon arrived, blocking the way to the Greenhouse and giving time to the engineers to breach the vaults leading to the palace. Without the dragon, Tilden’s men would have no trouble stopping the enemy so he ordered Blue Ghost’s operatives to move to the Dragon’s Den where an enemy commander had settled his command post. Their objective was to terminate that commander, acting as liaison officer between the gnolls of the Quinix Tribe and the rebels. Their knowledge of the fortress would be valuable to the operation.

Knowing that brute force wouldn’t be successful, Tristan proposed to use guile to pass the gates, disguising himself as the capture dragonborn blackguard with the help of the doppleganger mask found in Bloutar and turning the rest of the group into Belfador’s Hounds warriors bringing a prisoner for interrogation. Vryloka’s impressive acting skills rapidly convinced even the most suspicious gnolls to allow them access to the command post located in the tower and, once inside, Cotazym sealed the door, blocking possible reinforcements for their target. The strange gnoll, identified by the arcanists as an half-brown dragon, proved to be a difficult opponent, protected by two gnolls warriors and a demon-tainted member of the Quinix tribe who almost killed Lucius with one surprising hit of his magical greatspear. The fight ended on the roof, where Roe and Ashlan neutralized and later executed their target before setting the fortress afire.

28th day of Tarsakh

Dawn was coming but the streets of Ormpur were still ablaze and the invaders still fighting to take some city landmarks so the Birdeyes, even though they were tired, chose to find another location to take back from the rebels and their foreign supporters. Having heard rumors about activity around the Mausoleum of the Wyrmkeepers, Lucius proposed himself to return to Chauntea’s temple to get new instructions from Commander Tilden while Roe, Ashlan and Vondal slowly moved towards the graveyard. Lucius left accompanied by Tristan and Cotazym, learning from the Commander that runners he had sent to investigate stories about the presence of undead around the Mausoleum had not came back. He ordered them to join the Company of the Faceless Judge and to ensure no undead creature would swell the ranks of the invaders.

Meanwhile, Vondal confirmed the presence of a cleric chanting a necromantic ritual while protected by a ghost and skeletons. As he chanted, a score of other undead rose, slowly creating a legion. Upon Knight Doomguide Sabbagh’s arrival, they decided to strike on the necromancer while the holy knights of Kelemvor would hit the undead with magic and steel. Again, with the tactical blessings of the Red Knight and the blessings of the Faceless Judge’s knights, the threat to Ormpur was neutralized and the dead put back to rest.

20th day of Mirtul
The last pockets of Ormpurian resistance are disbanded and captured by forces loyal to the True Suikh. Some leaders of the rebellion are executed while others are spared and sentenced to hard labour to rebuild the city. Chauntea is named Ormpur’s civic deity by the True Suikh and the Crimson Talon’s contract comes to an end. A small portion of General Aporos’ forces will remain in the City of Saffron to train the city’s new armed forces.

10th day of Kythorn
After a two weeks trip aboard a ship, the Birdeyes arrive to Delzimmer, the Gateway to the Dwarven Kingdom.

15th day of Kythorn
The Crimson Talons are hired by the Trading Coster Guild and the Red Wizard Enclave to investigate the rumor of an alliance between the Shaaran tribes of nomads. They leave Delzimmer the next morning.

18th day of Kythorn
While travelling towards Shandaular, the nomads’ holy city, the scouts encounter a group of pilgrims from the Ordre of the Blue Flame. After saving them from brigands, the group decides to share a camp with them, witnessing the zealotry of the pilgrims when a wave of blue fire pass through the camp. During the fight against the abomination created by the magical fire, Roe is killed. Shortly after, he is avenged and the fanatics are killed.

20th day of Kythorn
Blue Ghost’s agents arrive in the surroundings of Shandaular. They meet Malukah, a dragoborn explorer who claims to be visiting the ruins and whose escort fell after a vicious attack from a raiding party of thri-kreens. She hires the mercenaries to protect her as she accompanies them in their mission. The group searches the town’s without entering its walls.

21th day of Kythorn
The Crimson Talons representative start to understand that a mysterious power, unrelated to the tribes, is manipulating them into going to war. So far, the identity of this mysterious manipulator isn’t known. An encounter with drow refugees and captured mercenaries accused of being behind the massacre of a minor tribe, confirms that someone tries to pit the nomads against Delzimmer.

22nd day of Kythorn
With the Rhinoceros tribe’s shaman’s blessing, the scouts descend into the tunnels beneath the thri-kreen territory after having neutralized the guards. They discover an incredibly long tunnel dug by magic. After hours of travel, they fall into a trap set by mantis warriors sentries who desperately try to stop them from going deeper into the tunnels, saying its the ancestors who gave the order.

Later, they arrive to a tomb to discover a living creature inside. It appears to be a very old and unhealthy thri-kreen accompanied by a spectral skull. The creature answers cryptically to any of the visitors’ questions and, when they loose patience and enter the room, he attacks them with the help of wraiths. The undead creatures are easily dispatched but the spirit shaman displays impressive abilities and a quickness that is not natural. He sometimes compels Vondal to attack his companions and teleports Tristan and Cotazym out of the room for a short period. The necromancer is finally brought down by Vondal’s axe and charges from Tristan and Lucius. In the tomb, they discover powerful necromantic magic and information about a powerful creature that inhabited the room thousands of years ago. It seems that the shaman advising the thri-kreen chieftain was worshipping the creature.

Leaving the tunnels, the group stumble upon a group of hyena and thri-kreen warriors that has captured some of the drow refugees. The way the nomads are taking care of the prisoners, mainly children, pushed the mercenaries to act, Tristan playing the role of a Rhino warrior, distracting the guards as his comrades were knocking the jailers out one by one. Fleeing with the drow children, the sellswords hide in a cave outside of the city, taking a much needed rest.

22nd day of Kythorn
The Birdeyes make their report to the Rhino shaman, explaining him the machinations of the thr-kreens while being unable to explain who hired the mercenaries that massacred the Coyote tribe. They suggest a diplomatic mission to stall the war and leave Shandaular after meeting with the drow leader who came to pick the last refugees.

27th day of Kythorn
Debriefing with Blue Ghost. They expose what they know about the thri-kreen being manipulated by the shaman who believed that the tribes would meet their end by the hand of Delzimmer and wanted to make a preemptive strike on the city. The spymaster orders them to find who hired the Land Shark mercenaries and pushed the nomads into following the thri-kreens. The merchants would certainly pay more to discover who in Delzimmer wanted a war. They also learn that the Crimson Talons will be hired by Tymanther to bring down their old enemies from the Church of Tiamat. The followers of the Dragon Queen declared war upon the Dragonborns and hired the Zhentarim mercenaries to bring back Unther and chase the dragonmen from their old homeland.

Later that day, Lucius met with Lady Knight Sernet who gave him two special missions. The first was to identify who was backing the Tiamatans and financing them and the second was to retrieve an artifact for General Aporos.

28th day of Kythorn
The group tracks the person who hired the Land Shark mercenaries to exterminate the Coyote Tribe and they finally identify him after a long night in the company of Land Shark berserkers in a bar. The man, Gaustad Korhand is a merchant specialized in healing and potions. He seems to have hired them to take possession of the Coyotes’s ancestral territory rumored to harbour a large quantity of magical crystals known to heal anything.

2nd day of Flamerule
Invitation to a feast organized by the Red Wizard Enclave.

12th day of Flamerule
Departure for Djerad Kethendi on the Shield of the Seas.
Start of the Campaign to help in the defense of Tymanther against the forces of Tiamat.

2nd day of Eleasias
Arrival to Djerad Kethendi. Meeting with the Crimson Talons officers.

11th day of Eleasias
Arrival in the Smoking Mountains.

12th day of Eleasias
Departure for the first mission in the Moutains.

17th day of Eleasias
The group of scouts encounters a group of vicious kobolds led by a rat master. They are victorious and capture one of the kobolds, a trapsmith.

22th day of Eleasias
Return to base camp with the prisonner for debriefing. He is taken over by two of Blue Ghost’s enforcers.

19th day of Eleint
After a month passed tracking kobolds and disarming traps, the Birdeyes are called for a scouting mission by Major Lantheon. They have to climb Mount Amukkan, one of the Smoking Mountains highest peaks and locate the best spot to install an observation post. However, they must also solve the mystery surrounding the peak’s reputation for being haunted and/or cursed.

24th day of Eleint
Arrival at the base of Mount Amukkan. They are attacked by the remains of Vulpomyscan, a powerful brown dragon surviving in the form of a curse. After Cotazym suspended the apparition of Vulpomyscan’s curse for a few weeks through the use of radiant magic, they start climbing the mountain but are attacked by two fanatics of Tiamat and a red abishai.

27th day of Eleint
Arrival on top of Mount Amukkan after a fight with another group of agents of Tiamat led by an earth genasi.

30th day of Eleint
Return to base camp and debriefing with Major Lantheon. Second mission in the Smoking Mountains successful.

The Red Wizards of Delzimmer are hired by the Rajah of Estagund to fight the raiders of Veldorn.

12th day of Marpenoth
Information received from a captured prisoner and confirmed by divinations tell of a kobold leader moving against the Crimson Talons most recent outpost in the Smoking Mountains. Major Lantheon sends his Birdeyes to set a trap and capture the leader and stop the attack against the strategic outpost.

18th day of Marpenoth
The scouts block one of the two ways leading the to the outpost and neutralize undead haunting the region.

The same day, they ambush one of Smokescale Tribe’s leader on his way to Mount Amukkan with troops. They succeed in capturing the half-dragon. Twenty members of the Talons are killed while fighting the kobolds and their dragonborn allies.

7th day of Uktar
The Birdeyes leave the camp to follow the tracks of the missing Tymentherian scouts. They find tracks leading underground three days later.

10th day of Uktar
They enter a vast labyrinth of tunnels and face numerous traps as well as natural hazards. After five days of travel, they reach a large cavern acting as a nexus for a large quantity of tunnels. In its center stand a small fortress that is manned by Zhentarim mercenaries.
The sellswords suceed in stopping the Black Network agents in sending an alchemical weapon of mass destruction in the catacombs beneath Djerad Thymar. They find one of the three missing scouts and, using a teleportation circle, transport to Delzimmer to ensure the scout’s safety and the disposal of the magical device. The next day, they learn that their camp in the Smoking Mountains and attacked and destroyed by Zhentarim forces. There are no known survivors. They received orders from Blue Ghost to transport to the capital of the dragonborns for the next operation.

20th day of Uktar
Arrival in Djerad Thymar. The Birdeyes meet with Captain Albhariq who orders them to report to the Myastan compound in the city. As the late Major Lantheon was a member of the clan, the Talon leadership wishes to honor his memory by sending a flag of the Crimson Talons to the matriarch. He also informs them that she might ask them a favor. They are to please the powerful matriarch to ensure the Crimson Talons reputation remains good with Tymanther’s nobility, especially with the new Vanquisher’s nomination coming.

Lady Tuanek Myastan requests that they infiltrate the catacombs beneath Djerad Thymar to rescue her last surviving son, Neshazar, who disappeared. After an argument over the acceptance of the mission by Cotazym, the soldiers embark on a mission to find and rescue the young dragonborn. His mother reveals that he was abducted when returning from the front and that he escaped the Church of Tiamat. He’s now hiding in the catacombs because he fears for his life. The Crimson Talons will be rewarded generously when Neshazar will be brought home.

21st day of Uktar
The group enter the Catacombs, an underground city beneath the capital of Tymanther, built upon the ruins of an old untheric city. It is the home of the poor and rejected of dragonborn society as well as the descendants of the humans who survived the arrival of the dragonborns during the Spellplague. The city is under the influence of power groups that they quickly meet: the Church of Bahamut, the criminal underworld and the Church of Tiamat. Using the tracking drake stolen from the agents of Tiamat, they track Neshazar to a mansion owned by a criminal lord, Savoie.

The friendly tiefling reveals, after playful negociations that he indeed harbored the young dragonborn who needed protection from the Church of Tiamat, a power group that he opposes. Savoie admits he might be interested in helping the Talons if he were to meet with the Red Maiden. He also informs them that he booked a passage on a caravan in direction of the Shining Lands for Neshazar a day ago.

Leaving immediately to track down the caravan, they push their mounts until they reach the border of the Ash Lake, where the caravan stopped for the night. It seems that the merchants planned on crossing the lake to ride directly to the Shining Lands. in the inn, they find the dragonborn along with a Durpari woman. The room is filled with fishermen, soldiers and farmers, mainly of dragonborn origin.

Rapidly, Tristan realizes that Neshazar seems infatuated by the Durpari lady and that the connection might not be completly natural. As the tension builds, Lucius comes up with a plan and sends the room into a brawl. Quickly however, it degenerates as the Durpari’s bodyguard attacks the mercenaries with lethal force. A missed hit on Malukah ends up striking Neshazar who falls dead. Meanwhile, Ashlan who infiltrated the merchant’s room to find the Scepter of Cimbar, is attacked by a bugbear assassin. At the end of the fight, three of the four assaillants are dead and the fourth one, the assassin, has fled.

Quickly, the group teleports to Delzimmer and bring the dragonborn’s body to the House of Platinum (Temple of Waukeen) to ensure their target if brought back to life. A Waukeenar later confirms Neshazar’s resurrection but also informs them that he is traumatized. Being more merchants then healers, the priests of the Lady of Commerce advise the mercenaries to find help either with the Temple of the Mordinsamman or the Order of the Blue Flame. Respectful of the dragonborns distrust of religions, the choose to visit the Blue Fire Chapterhouse where they meet with Gregor a powerful spellscarred healer.

26th day of Uktar
With Gregor’s help, Neshazar returns to a better state and is able to teleport back to Djerad Thymar. His mother pays the Crimson Talons for his rescue and leaves without adressing the Birdeyes. Captain Albhariq remains unsatisfied even though the mission was a success.

27th day of Uktar
Blue Ghost returns to Djerad Thymar and informs his agents of their new mission: capturing alive the two leaders of the rebellion stationned in the capital. He also charges them of finding information about the experiments conducted by the Tiamatans concerning the creation of the “dragonspawn” creatures engineered using dragon blood.

1st day of Nightal
After the capture of the two terrorist leaders, Blue Ghost leads a mission in the Catacombs to neutralize the terrorist cells operating in Djerad Thymar. In three days, most of the tiamatan forces are killed, captured or in hiding. The team of Birdeyes who captured the leaders are promoted by the Spymaster.

2nd day of Nightal
Numestra Aporos, the Red Maiden and Killer of Dragons, returns to Djerad Thymar after liberating the Eastern coast of Tymanther. She returns with the heads of seven dragons killed by her and her troops.

4th day of Nightal
An emissary of the Church of Tiamat comes to Djerad Thymar, bringing a peace offer from the cult’s high priestess, Nagiru. Blue Ghost sends a team of Birdeyes to ensure the offer is genuine and not a ruse.

While moving into the Black Ash Plains to complete their missions, the Birdeyes are trapped into a powerful duststorm, identified by Tristan as of magic origin. After a fight with draconic monsters and a physical manifestation of the tempest, the mercenaries meet with “Shurrupak the Reaper” who introduces them to Nagiru.

5th day of Nightal
The team is charged by Blue Ghost to cement an alliance between the old priestess Nagiru Baraggal, “Mother of Unther” and the forces of Tymanther by helping in her resurrection.

6th day of Nightal
Nagiru is raised from the dead by Lucius and together, they travel through a portal to the Citadel of Black Ash where her supporters are kept prisonner. They free them from a group of duergar working for the Zhentarim and return to Djerad Thymar in time to participate in the battle against Awar Cor Marak’s forces.

7th day of Nightal
The team is sent on a new misson against the attcking forces of Tiamat: breaking the supply line that provided magical materiel to Cor Marak’s army. When they successfully neutralize the artificer providing support to the giants and the artillery, they move against a much bigger threat, a magical bioweapon that turns the fallen soldiers into ghouls.

8th day of Nightal
General Aporos finally strikes down her rival, Awar Cor Marak. Soon enough, his troops fall into disarray, the Zhentarim forces retreating while only he most fanatical soldiers refusing to lower their weapons. A few hours after Cor Marak’s death, a cease fire is called and the Tymanther civil war has officially ended. During the following weeks, negociations between the humans of the Untheric Independant Front and the Tymanchebar government are held in presence of mediators from the Order of the Blue Flame.

Once the situation is fully stabilized, the contrat linking the Crimson Talons and Tymanther is terminated and the mercenaries start to return to Delzimmer and the HQ.

General Aporos gains a large following in Tymanther where she is called The Undying. Many young dragonborns, having experienced their first war, join the ranks of the Talons.

18th day of Nightal
Vondal the Grim and Ashlan resign their commission with the Crimson Talons

1486 DR

30th day of Alturiak
Blue Ghost’s Birdeyes are sent in Estagund in the optic of a participation of the Crimson Talons in Estagund’s war against Veldorn.

3th day of Ches
The team arrives at Thruldar to investigate the village occupation by gnolls.

6th day of Ches
The chapterhouse of the Order of the Blue Flame in Delzimmer is closed by an edict of the four ruling families. Members of the Order are arrested but their leader, Commander Saraethiel is no where to be found.

7th day of Ches
Leaving Thruldar after sabotaging the gnolls’ supplies, the Birdeyes travel four days North-West towards Castle Al’Hanar. They encounter a fey under the magical control of gnolls that are of the same tribe as the ones in Thruldar. The same tribe controls the old myrkulite fortress they are about to spy upon.

11st day of Ches
After three days into the catacombs under Castle Al’Hanar, fighting undeads and demons, the agents of the Crimson Talons transport unknowingly to Lastarr. From their exploration of the old myrkulite ruin, they learn of the plot from the Veldorn Confederation to besiege Chavyondat with a massive amounts of troops. They also are offered a chance to ally with Castle Al’Hanar real master, who offers his undead troops in exchange of his release from a powerful binding ritual made by the gnolls.

In Lastarr, they find the Tower Inn, owned by a follower of Red Knight. During their rest there, they are awaken by footsteps outside their room and are brought to the warehouse district where they stumble upon an attack by slaads against a warehouse operated by House Datharathi.

12th day of Ches
The team move in to help Petros the free against the slaads and, after banishing the last creature that seems to have been summoned, they learn about Lucius’ past and discover that the old wizard works for allies of the leading Durpari family.

Using diplomacy, Petros proposes a secret alliance, informing them about Durpar’s forced participation in the conflict. If someone can break the Confederation, Veldorn might fall easily, free Durpar and end the conflict.

14th day of Chess
The team, along with a company of Peacekeepers from the Order of Blue Fire, arrives at the location of the meeting between the Nacmoran fomorians and the Dustwalls Giants. Using subterfuge, the Birdeyes make the giants attack the fomorians. Even though, they are severely wounded, the fomorians win the battle, killing 5 of the 6 giants present.

15th day of Ches
Lucius’ latent arcane power manifests as the team walks into the Underdark.

The team of Birdeyes arrive in the feydark city of Nacmoran.

16th day of Ches
Infiltration into the Living Cave. They encounter and kill Ecix the Green and discover the captured cavaliers of Delzimmer’s Enclave.

After a brief fight with Bres and Glurinda the Blue, the team disable the Bluefire Engine and free the gnome and the unicorn used as test subjects by the hag artificer. They meet Rakeej the Voluble, a merchant who was key to provide they evil feys with the crystals required to power the machine and discover Tantron, a intelligent magic item akin to a figurine of wondrous power.

Using a ritual of Walk Crosswroads, the Birdeyes escape Nacmoran with the prisonners and return to Delzimmer using a Link Portal. After leaving the Red Wizards’ agents to their enclave along with the gnome, they teleport to Castle Al’Hanar. They discover that the Skull Knight of Eltabranar has been freed by the Crimson Talons and is preparing to honor is part of the bargain with his armies. Quickly, the team leave for Chavyondat.

19th day of Ches
Using another Link Portal, the group arrives to Chavyondat. The Fomorians succeeded in moving against the Crimson Talons troops who were arriving ashore but thanks to the warning provided by the Birdeyes, the casualties were low and the mercenaries were able to reach the capital.

20th day of Ches
The team, along with Cotazym, High Engineer Dain Garkul and a skeleton crew, board the Buccaneer’s Tear, admiral ship of the pirate fleet blocking Chavyondat’s harbour, and take it by force. They destroy the Crimson Shark and the Devil’s Due using magical siege engines seized on board of the airship.

After relieving Cotazim and the engineers, the crew of the Buccaneer’s Tear travel to the Beholder camp where they launch a strike, lethally neutralizing the beholder slaves in the camp. Shortly after, they are attacked by a Beholder Eye Tyrant and a Malgoloth but escape after losing the ship’s captain, petrified by the aberration.

22th day of Ches
The skyship is hit by a powerful storm and forced to return to the sea. The crew discover traces of sabotage and the food supplies are poisoned. After a quick investigation, the identify the kenku sailor as the culprit, only to realize with the help of Red Knight that he was wrongfully accused and that it was done by a rakshasa. The creature is killed after a short fight.

26th day of Ches
The Buccaneer’s Tear arrives at the location in the Dustwall Mountains to pick the VIP, soon discovered to be another rakshasa, this one working for Blue Ghost and the Talons. The team need to head to Assur in Durpar to kidnap a Datharathi operative and replace him with the rakshasa. Time is of the essence as Blue Ghost fears the operation might be in peril thanks to the saboteur’s intervention.

29th day of Ches
The team manages to bring Chand Datharathi and his concubine on board, to neutralize his bodyguards and to isolate the engineer to give time to Sattur to impersonate him. They leave Assur and head towards the Adama’s Tooth on the Northern shores of Durpar.

2nd day of Tarsakh
Arrival at the Adama’s Tooth. The zone is filled with strong psionic energy from an unknown source. Soon after the arrival of the Buccaneer’s Tear, the main encampment is attacked by a group of elemental creatures led by a storm giant. The Birdeyes move in to defend their agent, endangered by the attack and are able to stop it. They discover that the attackers were sent by Queen Thrumbolg, Queen of the Dustwall giants, who saw a terrible event of unnatural origin and who suspects the Datharathi. She sent her armies against the Chaka, hoping to stop their operations.

3rd day of Tarsakh
Descent into the mines of the Adama’s Tooth. The team discovers an imaskari portal deep in tunnel hidden by illusions and wards. The plangent crystal seems to originate from behind that portal.

3rd day of Mirtul
Return of the Birdeyes from the Datharathi mine after an encounter with fanatics of the Blue Flame and aberration working with them.

*4th day of Mirtual *
The team leave the Gate of Iron in the Dustwall Mountains for a mission to evacuate the Corynians from Vaelan, struck by an insurgency.


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