Land of Honorable Merchants

Government: Monarchy
Current Ruler: Rajah Jasraj Seltrarir
Capital: Chavyondat
Major Races: Human (Durpari)
Main Language: Untheric
Major religion: The Adama
Current Status: At war (Beastlands)

Estagund is now the sole heir to the culture of the Shining Lands, its neighbors Var and Durpar having been submerged by the Great Sea and decimated by the Beastlands respectively. The Shining Land remains a beacon of honor and faith, following strictly the tenets of the Adama, the religious code of conduct. Contrary to their neighbors, they didn’t suffered much from the Spellplague and, after a few years of slow trade, resumed their activities, even gaining High Imaskar as a partner.

They are now experiencing raids from the Beastlands and have so far sucessfully resisted thanks to the help of hired mercenaries and the backing of some wizards from Imaskar.


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