East Rift

The Deep Realm

Government: Oligarchy
Current Rulers: The Deep Lords, selected by the clans
Capital: Eartheart
Major Races: Gold Dwarf, Gnome
Main Language: Dwarven
Major Religions: Dwarven Gods, Gond
Current Status: At war (Drow)

During the cataclysm brought by Mystra’s death, large portions of the Great Rift, the Realm of the Gold Dwarves, collapsed into the Underchasm, creating a massive cavity that destroyed many subterranean outposts of the realm but also drow cities in the Underdark.

With determination and skill, the dwarves moved their capital city to Eartheart and built new citadels on shelves on each side of the canyon. After repelling attacks from drow exiles, the Stout Folk became even more wary of strangers. All the trade with its neighbors is done in the city of Delzimmer.

East Rift

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