Defense of Tymanther

Date: _Flamerule 1485 to Present Day

Opposing forces:
Vayemniri armies & Mercenaries (Crimson Talons)
Untheric Liberation Front (Human and Vayemniri rebels) with Mercenaries (Zhentarim) and a coalition of monsters (Ash Giants, Kobolds, Dragons)

Major battles/operations:

  • Siege of Djerad Thymar (Broken by the Crimson Talons)
  • The Smoking Mountains Massacre (Total eradiction of the Vayemniri and allied forces by the Zhentarim in the Smoking Mountains)
  • The Dragon Hunt (The capture of the Ruins of Unthalass by the Red Maiden and her troops; the death of one of the three dragons serving Shurrupak in Unthalass)

To be determined

The fronts of Tymanther



1- Smoking Mountains (Held by the Smokescale Kobolds- Tiamat)

2- Black Ash Plain (Held by the Ash Giants- Tiamat)

3- The Dust Road (Held by the Zhentarim and the Ash Giants- Tiamat)

4- Djerad Tymar (Held by the Vayemniri Armies- Dragonborn & Allies)

5- Ruins of Unthalass (Held by Vayemniri Armies- Dragonborn & Allies )

6- Djerad Kethendi (Held by the Vayemniri Armies- Dragonborn & Allies)

Defense of Tymanther

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