The Land of Warriors

Government: Absolute Monarchy
Current Ruler: War Hero Shala Karanok
Capital: Luthcheq
Major Races: Human (Mulan)
Main Language: Untheric
Major Religions: Amaunator, Tempus, Tchazzar, Waukeen

Current Status: At war (Abolethic Sovereignty)

The lands that are now part of Akanûl once formed the great nation of Chessenta, a kingdom of famous soldiers and mad cultists. With the Spellplague, most of the country is now flooded or in ruins, the ravaged Western part ceded to Akanûl. What remains is an alliance of small cities ruled by an absolute monarch who is also the local War Hero.

Chessenta adheres strictly to its old traditions and is wary of wizards. They are under constant surveillance and the nation is at odds with High Imaskar. The realm is a strong supporter of athletes and artists and reveres soldiers almost to the point of elevating some to the status of demigods.

With the return of the Soaring City of Xxiphu, Shala Karanok has turned her attention to the aberrant monsters flying over the Sea of Fallen Stars, forming an alliance with the genasi of Akanûl. They are also strong allies of the dragonborn of Tymanther who they consider linked to their most famous hero, the Dragon-King Tchazzar.


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