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Giant Kingdom of Voninheim

Leader: Queen Thrumbolg, Realm’s Paramount, Storm Giant

Queen Thrumbolg unified all giants tribes in the Dustwalls under her banner. These tribes are mainly composed of Hill, Frost, Fire, Stone and Cloud giants.

Her main troops are goliaths, ogres, ettins and hill giants.

So far, her reasons for participating in the campaign against Estagund are unknown as they were relatively isolationists in the past. Update The Queen dreamt about some unnatural threat to the region and wants to put it under her protection, even if this means doing it by force.

Update: After a failed attempt at sealing at truce between Vonninheim’s giants and the Fomorians of Nacmoran, Queen Thrumbolg might be pushed to work against the giant feys.

Update Voninheim forces started raiding the mining concessions of Chaka Datharathi with the help of elemental forces. One such raid was made against the concession located on the Adama’s Tooth and was repelled by infiltrated Crimson Talon agents.

Realm of Nacmoran (Fomorians)

Leader: King Nacmoran, King of the Curna fomorians

The fomorians recently reappeared in he Curna mountains after the Spellplague. Ten years ago, they came out of their caves and their leader, Nacmoran challenge the hill giant king and ate him. All the Curnas are now under his protection.

Nacmoran’s dominated tribes of evil fey like cyclops, eladrins and spriggans.

They are not involved in the military campaign led by the Beastlords and Nacmoran is no considered a Beastlord himself. A rumour tells that many warlords of Veldorn sent emissaries to bring the gargantuan king into the fold.

Update: It was confirmed that Nacmoran has allied itself with the Confederation of Veldorn.

Quinix Tribe (Gnolls)

Leader: Warchief Gnashbones, Half-demonic gnoll, claiming to be a direct descendant or even the son of the demon Quinix.

The gnoll horde arrived in the region about a year ago, first into the Dustwalls and then everywhere. They have many demons working with them and many gnolls display demonic ancestry. The Glabrezu Quinix would be directing everything from the shadows, leaving the day to day to his sons.

Their goal seems to be to spread chaos and destruction everywhere they go, killing as many as possible in homage to their depraved god, Yeenoghu.

Update It was revealed that the gnolls of Quinix tribe might be worshipping the demigod Garagos and not Yeenoghu.

Ulara Hive (Beholders)

The mining town of Ulara was conquered before the Spellplague by a beholder hive from Underdark. Usually solitary, these creatures obey a particularly powerful specimen that seems to have the ability to dominate his kind so they can work together.

The beholders’ servants are mainly humans, descendants of the workers from Ulara.

Sharawood (Undead)

Leader: The Everlasting Wyrm, cursed dracolich, bound into the forest.

The dracolich and her followers from the church of Tiamat are currently contained by a congregation of dragonborns and humans worshipping Bahamut under the leadership of Draxan.

Update: Quinix tribe abandoned the siege of Chavyondat to move against the followers of Bahamut watching over the Sharawood. After massacring the servant of the Platinum Dragon, they freed the Everlasting Wyrm, who joined the fray on the Beastlords’ side.

Blackfeather Barrens (Kenkus)

Hidden in the hills North of the Curna Mountains, this kenky aviary is a mysterious location where hundreds of kenkus live. They are master spies and assassins and seem to be obsessed by information. They have spies all around the region and beyond who gather information and rumours while others are hired as assassins and bring back money to the clan.

They are not involved in the conflict but might be if they think that their lifestyle is threathened and would act to end the fight fast by eliminating important targets.

Their leader is an old kenku named Corvus.

Tirumala (Rakshasas)

The leader of the Shining Lands’ rakshasas took the name of the ancient city, hidden by powerful illusions and rumoured to be in the Curna Mountains. Hundreds of years ago, it was a holy city for the Adama and now represent hell, the paradise of bad people.

Rajah Tirumala has infiltrated agents everywhere in the region and is one of the most powerful Beastlords. His army is composed of human slaves, trolls and elite rakshasa warriors. His general would be an ex-maquar crusader, who fell from grace and reincarnated in one of the Shining Lands demons.

Old Vaelan (Undead & Lycanthropes)

Nothing subsists from Durpar’s ancient capital, destroyed by monstrous hordes, centuries ago. The site is now plagued by lycanthropes and undeads.

This army is lead by an undead general but a brilliant and fearsome intelligence seems to be organizing them. Many tribes of hobgoblins are working along with the undead.


Many mercenaries (humans and dwarves) operating without a banner on Veldorn’s side. They act as military advisers for he monsters and are using dishonourable tactics.

Contrary to many mercenaries, they fight for the pleasure of fighting, killing and destroying. They offer no mercy and act like barbarians on the field. They are well equipped and are led by Steel Lords, linking them to the Church of Garagos the Reaver.


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