Land of Elemental Wonders

Government: Meritocratic Constitutional Monarchy
Current Ruler: Queen Arathane, with the council of the Four Elemental Stewards

Capital: Airspur
Major Races: Genasi, Half-Orc, Orc
Main Language: Primordial
Major Religions: None. As their ancestors before them, a vast majority of citizens reject religion. Minor cults to the elemental gods and Gruumsh.

Current Status: At war (Abolethic Sovereignty)

The region formerly known as Chondath has suffered important changes during the Spellplague. Not only was it stricken by powerful earthquakes that destroyed many cities and left the countryland filled with ravines and canyons but it also brought elemental motes, floating landmasses upon which nested drakes and other dangerous creatures.

The Blue Breath of Change also brought huge populations of genasi, former slaves to elemental overlords who discovered freedom along with the territory. They finally claimed the ruined country as their own and built the nation of Akanûl upon it.

Fifty years ago, the aberrant city of Xxiphu appeared in the skies over Akanûl and inflicted massive loss to the genasi. They finally repelled the invaders but lost their capital city. A new one was built upon Chondathan ruins, displacing large populations of orcs and half-orcs who were living inside them. The new city, Aispur, is a mix of traditional and elemental architecture and is now considered a center of knowledge on aberrations and elemental magic.

Six years ago, the Soaring Citadel of Xxiphu reappeared in the Sea of Fallen Stars and launched another wave of attacks on Akanûl and Chessenta. The two nations joined into an alliance and answered with their military might. The conflict is still active but it has now evolved into guerilla-type attacks.


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