The Border Kingdoms

A Collection of Everchanging Kingdoms

Government: Monarchies and Principalities
Current Leaders: One for each kingdom, changes often
Capital: One for each kingdom

Major Races: Human (Calishite/Shaaran/Chondathan)
Main Language: Primordial
Major Religions: Tempus, Waukeen, Tymora, Bane, Torm

Current Status: Special. Most kingdoms don’t last more than a few years, the ruler replaced by an adventurer seeking a place to retire. Never at war with their neighbor even though Calimshan used to try and conquer part of the region.

It would take a whole section of Candlekeep to hold all the information about the Border Kingdoms as the realms are always expanding, falling or appearing thanks to the adventurers who settle in the region and often engage the actual rulers to take their place.

Before the Spellplague, the whole region occupied an area of lush grassland that made it one of the Shining South’s granaries. With the desertification of the Western Shaar and the changes in the Lake of Steam, most principalities located South of Qurth Forest were abandoned or reduced in importance.

Current List of Kingdoms:

  • Adaerglast, the Land of Mages
    Capital: Myrinjar
    Rulers: Iraun and Srivven, the “God-Kings”
    One of the most fertile area of farmland in Faerun.
  • The Barony of Blacksaddle
    Capital: Qurth Forest
    Ruler: The Faerie King
    A place of endless war and the home of many talented jewelers. Mercenaries recently ended the dynasty that was ruling the barony for centuries. The mercenaries’ mysterious employer kept the title and the baron’s legendary armor. Recently, the Baron was overthrown by faeries and their humans allies, ending the rule of the barons.
  • The Barony of the Three Gods
    Capital: Oeble
    Ruler: The Faceless Master
    A trading hub that jealously protects a large source of water. Visited by Shaaran nomads quite often. Also known for its ruins rumored to be visited by Gods.
  • Derlusk’s Reach
    Capital: Derlusk
    Ruler: Master of Coin, Merchant Dictator
    Only remaining harbor on the southern shore of the Lake of Steam. A place of culture and trade.
  • Free Barony of Felshroun
    Rulers: The Four Mages, a collective of wizards “advising” the puppet Baron of Felshroun.
    Center of an highly regarded camel breeding industry. A neutral ground for all Borderers.
  • The Grand Duchy of Shantal
    Capital: The Duchal Towers
    Ruler: The Grand Duke Orsar Slendyn
    A valley of fertile farmlands also known for its stream of magically imbued water.
  • High Emmerock
    Capital: None, each member of the Council own a tower located within the kingdom
    Rulers: Council of the Seven Lords of the Lance
    World famous horse breeders.
  • Irl
    Rulers: The Council of the Eight-Sided Stone, council of the eight merchant families
    Some of Faerun’s most prolific jewelers resides in this tiny village.
  • Jundarwood, The Land of the Savage Hunt
    Capital: The Lodge, a cave deep into the woods
    Ruler: Ruknar Deepspawn, Lord of the Hunt
    Forest haunted by monsters and holy ground for the Church of Malar the Beastlord.
  • Ondeeme
    Capital: Blackalblade
    Rulers: The Slee, junta of wizards
    Well-known for its sheep herders and its talented artisans.
  • The Realm of the Mount
    Capital: Dread Keep
    Ruler: The Dread King
    A violent police state, controlled by a paranoid ruler. The kingdom is home to many skilled woodsmen and hunters.

The Border Kingdoms

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