Sergeant Verghat Maerwatch

Crippled soldier turned recruiter. Killed in the Ormpurian Invasion


Nickname/Alias: The Fish
Occupation: Retired mercenary, Recruiter for Numestra Aporos’ Army
Locations: Ormpur (as of beginning of campaign)
Description: Sergeant Verghat is a tall and well-groomed soldier and usually one of the first member of Aporos’ Army met by new recruits. He always wears spotless clothes and a shiny ceremonial breastplate and carries his greatsword, Slicer, with him at all times, even though he doesn’t go on the battlefield anymore. Even though Verghat is in his forties, he still looks in his prime and could certainly win a fight if it was not for his limp. He trains every morning to remain combat ready and show the example for newly recruited members.

Personality: The half-orc is far from the stereotypical soldier and, contrary to his fellow mercenary, he is always smiling and playful. Even with all that happened in his life, the man keeps a positive attitude and he considers his survival as a sign that the Gods have a plan for him and that someday, everything will turn alright for him. Verghat loves to party and spends most his time off at the tavern on drinks and contests.

Friends: Sergeant Verghat is respected by a vast majority of soldiers in the army and loves to spend some time with the troops when he’s on leave. He also takes care of new recruits, finding them lodging and offering them a tour of their temporary home. He spends the rest of his time off with Ivor Katernin, the priest of Tempus, helping him in the chapel. He had few friends amongst the leaders of the army but can expect help form Commander Tilden, who was leading the mission that brought him back after five months of slavery.

Foes: As popular as he his, Verghat also has his detractors. He is considered by some as a reminder of more than a few deaths caused by aboleths and their thralls when they used the information extracted from him after his capture. The half-orc also killed a few more warriors during his five months as a skum. These bitter soldiers would have abandoned him and remain wary of him, suspecting him to be a agent of the Sovereignty.


Sergeant Verghat Maerwatch

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