Recius of Mishtan

Expert in the Old Empires working for the Corynian and partner of Malukah


Recius is an expert in the Old Empires, mainly Mulhorand, Unther and Imaskar. Renowned in the region, he explored many ruins in Southern Faerun and discovered relics and artifacts from the powerful empires that ruled the continent thousands of years ago.

He worked with Malukah to explore the ruins in Unther before she joined the Crimson Talons.

Recius isn’t linked to any countries or ruler, selling his expertise to the highest bidder.

Malukah knows he worships Thoth, an aspect of Oghma the Binder but that the scholar also pays lip service to Mask, the deceased God of Thieves and Deneir, the dead God of scribes.

Killed by a mysterious assassin equipped with a sphere of annihilation.


Recius of Mishtan

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