Master Procurer Pradir Datharathi

Quartermaster of the Crimson Talons


Occupation: Quartermaster
Locations: Gate of Iron Fangs, Delzimmer, Chavyondat, Ormpur (recently), Vaelan (Formerly)

Description: Even though he is his early fifties, Pradir carries himself twenty years younger. The man is quite able to defend himself and usually carries some sort of short blade on his person with a preference for katars and dirks. As a man coming from a wealthy merchant family, he dressed in the best outfits available, designed specially for him by tailors coming from Estagund. He hides his balding head with the traditional turban worn by the nobles of the Shining Lands and wears a rather amount of jewelry.

Personality: The Crimson Talons’ quartermaster is a very religious and honorable man who follows the strict rules of the Adama very faithfully. His sense of duty makes him the ideal person to be in charge of the company’s treasury and equipment as he would never think about stealing or lying. Pradir respect for life means that if forced to fight, he will will knock his opponent unconscious with the help of special techniques learnt from the maquar crusaders of Estagund. He also uses a wide variety of non lethal poisons to ensure a quick victory over an ennemy and firmly believes that good preparations will ensure victory. The oldest member of the Talons’ leadership is always calm and considers that every good act he accomplishes will help him end his cycle of reincarnation and make him join the Adama forever. The Durpari isn’t perfect however and is plagued by memories of the terrible acts he committed in the past, often retreating in isolation to indulge in his addictions. When confronted about them, Pradir laughs and answers that they are from the past and should remain there, subtly threatening his interlocator.


Master Procurer Pradir Datharathi

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