General Numestra Aporos

The Red Maiden. Breaker of the Bloodied Axe Horde, Nemesis of the Soaring City, Phoenix of Ormpur and Killer of Dragons. The Undying.



The Red Maiden is a tall and athletic woman in her early thirties that is rarely seen without her armor and her emblematic red shield that seems to have been made from one scale of an immense red dragon. Underneath her armor, the general wears clothes that would normally be found in a man’s wardrobe. As a practical woman, she hates dresses and fancy clothes, finding that they hinder movement in combat. In the same way of thought, she keeps her raven black hair short and wears only magical jewelry. Numestra Aporos’ most noticeable feature is her large collection of scars. She is proud of them and refuses any attempt made by priests to remove them. The lower right part of her face is made of freshly scarred tissue, the results of her fight with Solonepsis, the Guardian of Ormpur.


Main Locations: Gate of the Iron Fangs, Delzimmer, Chavyondat, Eartheart and Ormpur

Personality: Numestra is quite charismatic and has the total loyalty of her troops. Every soldier in her organization knows that she usually fights with the front line and would defend every one of them if needs be. The woman’s brash nature is countered by her love for strategy and knowledge and she spends most of her time preparing her next moves and analyzing her army’s performances. She also likes to spend time with her soldiers, playing games of strategy or practicing swordplay with them to take the pulse of the group.

General Numestra Aporos

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