Nagiru Baraggal, "Mother of Unther"

High Priestess of Tiamat in Tymanther and leader of the human rebellion


This venerable women is more than an hundred years old. She is the leader of the human rebels of Tymanther who are trying to reclaim their ancestral home from the dragonborns. She follows Tiamat as the goddess was the one who guided her in organizing the revolt and provided her with powerful allies such as Shurrupak, “The Dragon-King of Unther”.

During the first days of the Spellplague, the young Nagiru was struck by the Blue Flame and effectively became immortal. However, she also imprisonned the souls of all the villagers around her and is now haunted by all the poor souls who died during the cataclysm.

Once the civil war with the dragonborns was over, Nagiru stepped down as leader of the movement, preferring to leave the negociations to a new generation of Untherites.


Nagiru Baraggal, "Mother of Unther"

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