Major Duath Lantheon Myastan

Former leader of the First Talon of the Crimson Talons. KIA


Major Lantheon left Tymanther for a mercenary life because he wanted to discover the world and learn new combat techniques and strategies. He became a member of Numestra Aporos’ band during the War of the Shores and quickly climbed the ranks of the Army because of his loyalty, his aptitude and his bravery.

The dragonborn leads the First Talon, one of the two groups of infantry in the Crimson Talons. He reports the Colonel Dotsk.

Killed in the attack of the Smoking Mountains Camp by the Zhentarim. Most of the combined forced of the Crimson Talons and the tymantherian army were killed that day.


Major Duath Lantheon Myastan

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