Lady Knight Zara Sernet

Battle Chaplain and Priestess of Red Knight


Occupation: Battle Chaplain and Numestra Aporos’ aide-de-camp
Locations: Gate of Iron Fangs, Delzimmer, Chavyondat, Ormpur (recently)
Description: As an intellectual, Zara Sernet has not been blessed with an impressive body but hides that fact very well thanks to her bulky full plate. Tall and slender, the red haired priestess wears scarlet clothes when she is not on the battlefield and always carries her longsword and her holy symbol carved out of a large ruby. In combat, along with her magical armor, Sernet carries a shield displaying the symbol of her goddess along with the sign of the Crimson Talons. She hides her beautiful face, often compared to a sunite’s, behind a featureless full-face helm.

Personality: As a member of the Red Fellowship, Zara Sernet is quite curious and spends most of her time thinking about strategies to improve the reputation of her superior or to win victories for the Crimson Talons. She is a workoholic and is rarely seen doing something unrelated to her work as a battle chaplain or a general Aporos’ aide. Her soly hobby is the game of lanceboard which she plays with a few officers and fellow worshippers of the Lady of Strategy. Sernet is quite passionate about her work and speaks with lots of energy and charisma, making her a key in Aporos’s strategy to create a myth around her person.


Lady Knight Zara Sernet

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