Knight Doomguide Kiral Sabbagh

Paladin of Kelemvor and Battle Chaplain


Nicknames/Alias: None
Occupation: Battle Chaplain and responsible for the disposal of undead and corpses

Locations: Gate of Iron Fangs, Delzimmer, recently Tymanther
Description: Kiral is a man of short stature (5’6) but blessed with an impressive set of muscles. He keeps his dark brown hair short and displays a short beard neatly trimmed in the pure calishite tradition. When he is out of his armor, he wears practical clothes, usual breeches and shirt and lots of silver jewelry designed by artisans of his hometown, Almraiven. The man also wears a silver medallion marked with the skeletal arm of his god, Kelemvor. On the battlefield, the paladin wears his silvery fullplate, marked with bas-relief of skeletons and scales as well as a full helm shaped like a featureless human face. The design represents how Kiral envisons his god, an impassive judge fighting against the unnatural creatures that refuse to die. He fights with a long sword with an hilt forged to look like a skeletal arm.

Personality: Doomguide Sabbagh is atypical for a member of Kelemvor’s church. He considers that life must be cherished and celebrated so that on death, there is no regrets and nothing that could hold the deceased from his last judgement. That means that Kiral is quite an hedonist, enjoying the pleasures of life as much as he likes destroying the undead. When off duty, he can usually be found at the best festhall in the region where his unit operates, often in company of women and always with a cup of tethyrian wine in hand. He likes to spend his money on magical trinkets and jewelry while donating the rest to the church to ensure that the dead will remain in their last respite. He is quite popular with the troops even though he is not the first chaplain they will visit. He fights with passion and is quite inspiring.

Friends: As one of the four battle chaplains, Kiral is a known figure withine the ranks of the organization and can count on the friendship of more than one soldiers since the mission that elevated him to this position. He saved many lives that day and the footmen would do anything for one of the few guys who can stand in front of an undead monster without running for his life!


Knight Doomguide Kiral Sabbagh

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