Colonel Orel "The Ancestor" Dotsk

Leader of the Second Talon in the Crimson Talons. Oversees all infantry matters for General Aporos


Nickname/Alias: The Ancestor, The Swordsage
Occupation: Infantry leader, Advisor to General Aporos, Acting Commander of the Talons in Delzimmer.

Status: Killed in an attack the dracolich named the Everlasting Wyrm in Chavyondat. he died with his men on the battlefield.

Locations: Delzimmer, Gate of Iron Fangs

Description: At almost 60 years old, Colonel Dotsk is one of the oldest members of the Crimson Talons but the weight of years have yet to touch him. The small man (5’6) might be a little slower than he was in his youth but he remains strong and can compensate quickness with his impressive tactical abilities and swordplay. Dotsk can his white beard and hair long and flowing, following Vaasan tradition. He wears an unadorned breastplate, the same he used his all his career as a mercenary, as a reminder of all the fights he survived. Its easy to notice all the signs of the repair that were done on the armor. Colonel Dotsk’s weapon of choice is a longsword that is, like his armor, showing the signs of the many fights the Colonel fought since he started his career in the military.

Personality: The Ancestor is a wise and calm man, known within the ranks of the Talons, as a tactician and an expert swordsman. He often acts as a trainer for new recruits and even though he’s one of the oldest members of the band, his swordplay and fierceness in battle is only matched by a few. Dotsk started his career as a mercenary more than 40 years ago and has fought almost all kind of enemies, from the mundane soldier to the insanely powerful lich. He is like a unmovable rock, always serene, even in the face of defeat and brings this aura of confidence in his men who would follow him to the Nine Hells without an afterthought. General Aporos considers him one of his most important advisor thanks to his experience and his ability to be one step ahead of the enemy in battle situations.


Colonel Orel "The Ancestor" Dotsk

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