Colonel Cadmus Karanok

Leader of the Warmages


Nickname/Alias: The Green Hand
Occupation: Leader of the Warmages
Locations: Gate of Iron Fangs, Delzimmer, Chavyondat, Ormpur (recently), Calaunt
Description: Cadmus Karanok is far from the typical wizard with his broad shoulders and his athletic abilities that would make more than a few soldiers blush. He inherited these traits from his Chessentan forebears and his life of travel and combat. Contrary to the Chessentan tradition, he bears tattoos on his body, a form of art akin to the one used by red wizards from many enclaves around the world. These magical marks are gifts from his mentor, the master of Calaunt’s enclave. Cadmus fights with different implements but he tends to favor wands and is always accompanied by his crow familiar, Stymphal. Finally, being a member of the Karanok family didn’t protected him from the law forcing magic users to wear a green tatoo to warn citizens about the presence of a spellcaster. Cadmus doesn’t care about the mark and displays it proudly.

Personality: The colonel has an abrasive personality and is known for his love for action. Even though he was trained to become a diplomat, the wizard is man of few words and has no patience for long discussions and never-ending negociations. This doesn’t mean that Cadmus will solve everything with violence but, as he keeps to himself while others talk, the brutal intellectual is always thinking about the other outcomes and about the way to win a potential battle. Contrary to many wizards, he respects soldiers especially since he knows that their job is harder than his since they don’t have access to the vast array of assets his talent for the Art gives him.


Colonel Cadmus Karanok

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