Blue Ghost

Spymaster and Head Scout


Nickname/Alias: Basil, many others aliases
Occupation: Spymaster and assassin
Locations: Gate of Iron Fangs, Delzimmer, recently Ormpur

Description: As a master of disguise and infiltration, Ghost can assume any appearance required for a mission and often wanders among soldiers dressed as a recruit to watch for spies and enemy infiltrators. Without disguise, he looks like an human with bronze skin and long blonde hair kept tied in a bun on top of his head and hidden under a turban. He always carries his shortbow and a quiver filled with arrows as well as a scimitar.

Personality: Blue Ghost is an actor and an expert at playing roles and hiding his true motives. With his fellow soldiers, he usually act rather impishly, playing games and making jokes. This attitude had made him quite popular with the troops, something useful for someone who is also required to watch for traitors. He is indeed quite an entertainer and loves challenges.


Blue Ghost

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