Battlelord Ivor Katernin

Battle Chaplain and Priest of Tempus. In charge of morale and discipline


Nickname/Alias: The Red Plume
Occupation: Battle chaplain and moral/discipline officer
Locations: Gate of Iron Fangs, Delzimmer, Ormpur (recently)

Description: Ivor Katernin is a big man (6’4) with an impressive musculature and strength exceeding that of many younger soldiers. He keeps his head shaved and his deeply tanned skin bears multiple scars from many battles in which he participated in his long career as a mercenary. He is rarely seen without his golden breastplate and his helmet sporting a crest made of red plumes. In combat, he uses the sacred weapon of his god, a flaming battleaxe.

Personality: The Battlelord lives a spartan life and trains everyday to ensure that he will make his god proud in his performance on the battlefield. Even at his age (46 years old), Katernin can beat almost anyone in a fight thanks to his experience, his skill and his divine magic. Even though he is stern and responsible for punishing disobedience, the tempuran is quite popular with the troops thanks to his contacts with a vast number of bards, festhall owners and escorts. He is harsh when punishing but generous when rewarding and many soldiers turn to him to solve their personal problems as they know he has the ear and the respect of general Aporos.


Battlelord Ivor Katernin

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