The Scarred South

The Vaelan Riots

After checking with Blue Ghost to see if he had any objections, the team boards the Buccaneer’s Tear and flies to Vaelan, the capital of Durpar, to pick up the Corynians, stuck in a city in revolt. The population, tired of the Datharathis’ alliance with the monstrous nation of Veldorn and helped by foreign mercenaries, start to burn the symbols of power in town, with widespread massacre taking over the streets.

Unable to bring the skyship close to the Corynian’s location because of the large amount of towers blocking their path, the Birdeyes enter the city by foot, crossing numerous bodies and signs of revolt, even ignoring an angry mob about to assault an Order of the Blue Flame building, pushed by a devo on top of an elephant!

Later, the mercenaries encounter another team of sellswords, le by a priest of Garagos who challenges Tristan. The agent of the Red Maiden, annoyed by the persistence of the Reaver and his allies, quickly make an example of the cleric and send his goon away, scared and humiliated.

When they finally reach the Corynian mansion, they discover a skeleton crew of servants and soldiers, busy moving boxes and art objects while the lady of the house, Tamesis Corynian, is coldly planning the family’s escape if Lucius and his partners are not showing.

Tamesis explains that they are carrying important objects dug out during a few archeological missions in the Raurin and Southern Imaskar and that one particular object needs to be protected: a stone tablet of Imaskari origin and a potential key in the family’s fight against the Mad Karanoks.

The tablet is being analyzed by their hired scholar, Recius of Mishtan. Until he is done with the tablet, the mercenaries are to wait and provide protection against potential Karanok attacks and the current revolt in Vaelan.

That night, Recius’ quarters are attacked by a trio of slaads, clearly searching for something. Easily dispatching the blue slaad and stunning the red juggernaut, the team work to bring down the Acolyte of Entropy, a clear sign of the involvement of Chessenta’s ruling family. However, the slaad prove to be only a decoy as Roswyn discovers, behind a hidden door, an assassin slowly attacking the enchanted stone tablet with something that looks like a tiny sphere of annihilation. Pushed far away from the tablet, the assassin finds herself engaged by Tristan as the daughter of Entropy keeps eating the wards around the Imaskari artifact. There is no sign of Recius while the wounds on the assassin indicates he was there while they were fighting the chaotic outsiders.



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