The Scarred South

Blood, Sweat and Headache

Having faced agents from both Chaka Datharathi and the Order of the Blue Flame, the Birdeyes try to gather more information on the mysterious mine and the crystal prison mined by the members of this strange alliance.

In a laboratory, they encounter Saraethiel, Commander of the Order of the Blue Flame in the region, who starts a conversation with them. Using guile, he tries to lead them into a trap but is discovered by Lucius. During the fight, the elf is killed along with one of his men and an intellect predator, an aberrant psionic creature related to mind flayers. The scouts are able to make on prisoner, a loremaster accordant who surrenders, citing the rules of war to ensure that the mercenaries spare his life. Even though, Tristan and Malukah aren’t too willing on keeping the man alive, seeing it as an hindrance, they finally opt to take the wizard hostage.

After a brief encounter with a hulking beast created by a mind flayer, the agents of General Aporos, wounded and tired,noticing the arrival of an illithid and two other aberrant constructs, escape the mine and return to Faerun…only to discover the Datharathi encampment filled with corpses and traces of another giant assault. Evacuated by Sattur, they return to Blue Ghost’s side for a debriefing.



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