The Shining South was once known as an opulent land filled with exotic riches and creatures, wonderful magic and dangerous monsters. Everything in this impossible land of vast, perilous wildlands and majestic cities was changed when the Spellplague came. A baleful blue fire burned over everything, transforming lands and people alike, reshaping continents and oceans in accordance with some cruel whim and mutating creatures in kind.

The blue storm raged for years until, suddenly, there was only a muted calm and pockets of spellplague, accursed zones that were abandoned by all except the mad or the desperate. Few places saw as much changes as the Shining South. With new landmasses appearing from other dimensions, major geographical changes and important climate modifications, the Shining South had once again become uncharted territory.

The Shaar, once a vast savannah, was turned into a wasteland where only the fittest could survive. The Great Rift, home to the proud Gold Dwarves was shaken by a tremendous earthquake and had collapsed into a vast canyon, sending the Stout Folk into unsought isolation. Their neighbors, the halfling land of Luiren and savage Dambrath changed too, the erasure of the former by a terrible flood sending millions of halflings into exile while the barbarians enslaved by the drow in Dambrath rebelled saw to the end of the Maiden of Pain’s theocracy. Even the fabled lands of Estagund, Var and Durpar were touched by the madness of the Mystra’s Death as dragons, monsters and undead shook their lawful and tradition bound nations. The great power they yield remains unchanged, but where once that power was tempered by honor, it is now honed by various caprices, desires and ambitions.

Of all changes brought by the Spellplague, the destruction of Halruaa and the birth of the Plaguewrought Lands were the most terrible. Halruaa, a land where everything and everyone was magical was shattered and would hence be known as a no man’s land. To the North, the vast jungle that was the Chondathwood was split in half by the largest pocket of plagueland still active, while to the east, came invasions by creatures from the Feywild, a plague of a different kind.

If that wasn’t enough strife and suffering for the people of the Shining Sun, conflicts are now becoming more common in the region, sparked by necessity, greed or sheer madness. The harsh environment of the South had now became the bloodsoaked playground of armies and mercenaries alike. It will certainly prove profitable….if you can remain alive.

Level 16- Paragon Tier

  • Special thank note to Alex for his tactical help and advice. *

The Scarred South

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