Main Languages in the Scarred South

Note to the players: In addition to Common and your racial language, you can add the main regional language as a bonus language.

Common is widely spoken across Faerûn as it is the language used in trade and negotiation. It is related to Chondathan, the most widespread language across the continent.

The language used by demons and cultists as well as gnolls. It use the Barazhad alphabet.

This language is commonly used in Northern Faerûn and is not often heard in the South. It uses the Thorass alphabet.

Damaran is used in Eastern Faerûn as well as in Dambrath. People writting Damaran use the Dethek runes of the dwarves.

Deep Speech
The language of the Underdark, used by aberrant creatures but also by the citizens of High Imaskar. This nation used to live in exile in the Underdark and adopted Deep Speech centuries ago. They use Espruar, the elven alphabet due to the influence of the drow in the World Below.

An old language used by dragons and the dragonborn of Tymanther, former slaves to draconic overlords. The language uses its own alphabet, Iorkharic.

The Dethek runes and the dwarven tongue are commonly used in the regions surrounding the Underchasm and the East Rift.

This language is only spoken by the isolationist elves of Elfharrow and the drows living in the tunnels below the East Rift. It is rarely spoken by other races and is considered by most a dead language in the Scarred South. It use the Espruar alphabet.

The goblin tongue is commonly used in the Beastlands but rarely heard elsewhere in the South. The goblins and hobgoblins use the Thorass alphabet when they know how to write.

The elemental language is used by the genasi of Akanul who learned it from their primordial masters before their arrival on Faerûn. When writing, they use the Barazhad alphabet of the genies.

A powerful language used by celestial and infernal creatures as well as powerful clerics. It is a tongue spoken only by scholars and cultists.

Centuries ago, Unther was a colonialist empire who conquered vast territories. The Untheric settlers brought their culture with them and the Untheric remained even though the Empire fell apart and was destroyed with the Spellplague. It is now the most common language in the South, especially in Chessenta and the few remaining cities in the Shaar. Like most old human languages, Untheric uses the Thorass alphabet.


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