Greater Gods
Amaunator, Keeper of the Yellow Sun (LG, Sun, Bureaucrats and Time)
Bane, The Black Hand (E, Tyranny, Fear and Conquest)
Chauntea, The Earthmother (LG, Agriculture, Life and Halflings)
Corellon Larethian, The First of the Seldarine (G, Elves)
Cyric, The Prince of Lies (CE, Murder, Illusion and Strife)
Gruumsh, The One-Eyed God (CE, Savagery and Orcs)
Kelemvor, The Judge of the Damned (U, Death)
Lolth, The Spider Queen (CE, Drows)
Moradin, The Soul Forger (LG, Dwarves)
Oghma, The Binder (U, Knowledge)
Sel√Ľne, the Moonmaiden (G, Moon and Navigation)
Shar, The Mistress of Night (E, Loss, Night and Shadows)
Silvanus, The Oak Father (U, Nature)
Sune, Lady Firehair (G, Beauty and Love)
Talos, The Destroyer (CE, Destruction and Rebels)
Tempus, The Foehammer (U, War)
Torm, The Loyal Fury (LG, Law)

Minor Gods
Angharradh, The Queen of Arvandor (G, Wisdom)
Bahamut, The Platinum Dragon (LG, Good Dragons and Justice)
Berronar Truesilver, The Revered Mother (LG, Family)
Beshaba, The Maiden of Misfortune (E, Accidents and Bad Luck)
Garl Glittergold, The Priceless Gem (G, Gnomes)
Gond, Wonderbringer (U, Invention)
Ilmater, The Crying God (G, Endurance)
Loviatar, The Maiden of Pain (E, Torture and Pain)
Luthic, The Cave Mother (CE, Caves)
Mielikki, The Forest Queen (G, Forests)
Sseth, The Sibiliant Death (E, Serpents)
Talona, Mother of All Plagues (CE, Poison and Disease)
Tiamat, The Dragon Queen (E, Evil Dragons)
Tymora, Lady Luck (G, Adventurers and Good Luck)
Umberlee, The Bitch Queen (CE, Sea)
Waukeen, The Merchant’s Friend (U, Trade)

Abbathor, The Trove Lord (E, Greed)
Bahgtru, The Strong (CE, Brute Strength)
Clangeddin Silverbeard, The Father of Battles (LG, Battle)
Dugmaren Brightmantle, The Errant Explorer (G, Discovery)
Erevan Ilesere, The Trickster (U, Mischief)
Fenmarel Mestarine, The Lone Wolf (U, Outcasts)
Garagos, The Reaver (CE, Plunder)
Hoar, Doombringer (U, Vengeance)
Jergal, Scribe of the Dead (U, Fatalism)
Labelas Enoreth, The Lifegiver (G, Longevity)
Lliira, Our Lady of Joy (G, Joy)
Maglubiyet, The Mighty (E, Goblins)
Malar, The Beastlord (E, Predators and Hunt)
Marthammor Duin, The Finder of Trails (G, Explorers)
Milil, Lord of Song (G, Song and Music)
Obould, The King (U, Warriors)
Red Knight, Lady of Strategy (U, Strategy)
Sharess, The Lustful Mistress (G, Cats, Hedonism and Excess)
Shargaas, The Stalker Below (CE, Stealth)
Shevarash, The Black Archer (U, Crusades and Anger)
Siamorphe, The Noble (LG, Nobility)
Solonor Thelandira, The Great Archer (G, Archery)
Thard Harr, Lord of the Jungle (G, Jungle and Survival)
Valkur, Captain of the Waves (G, Sailors and Naval Combat)
Vaprak, The Enraged (CE, Frenzy and Trolls)
Vergadain, The Merchant King (U, Wealth)

Adama (set of beliefs in the Shining Lands)
Akadi, Queen of Air (U, Element of Air, Freedom- Primordial)
Andras, the Grey Knight (U, Lord of Change, Revolt, Ambition- Archfey)
Eldath, The Still One (LG, Lakes and Peace- Archfey)
Entropy, The Swallower of Gods (U, Annihilation- Primordial)
Grumbar, Boss of Earth (U, Element of Earth, Oaths- Primordial)
Istishia, King of Water (U, Element of Water and Cleansing- Primordial)

Kossuth, Tyrant of the Flame (U, Element of Fire and Purification- Primordial)

Lurue, The Unicorn Queen (G, Unicorns and Good Intelligent creatures- Archfey)

Sebakar, The Smiling Death (E, Crocodiles and Swamps- Archfey)
Tchazzar, Father of Chessenta (E, Chessenta- Exarch of Tiamat)
Vhaeraun, The Masked Lord (E, Male drows, Thievery and Rebellion against Matriarchy- Dead God?)

Yeenoghu, Lord of Savagery (CE, Gnolls- Archdemon)


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