Kobold outcast wanting revenge against his tribe. Killed in the Ormpurian Invasion


This sneaky kobold was encountered by the Crimson Talons agents while exploring the sewers searching for a weapon’s caches. The little creatures, cast out of their tribe over a difference in opinion in the nomination of a new chieftain, mistook the sellswords for the rebel allies of their tribe and engaged the fight with the assistance of two large aquatic serpents.

Ashlan finally calmed the situation and even pushed for their hiring by the Talons. The two kobolds accepted the offer and are now working with the siege engineers under High Engineer Garkul’s orders.

Speelock was killed by a chainfighter wight serving the necromancer operating out of Ormpur’s cemetary before he could reach his commanders with the information. He was avenged by a group of Birdeyes working along the Company of the Faceless Judge.



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