Sarangerel "Akasha" Vryloka

Daughter of Katryna and Wife of Tristan


Daughter of a Tuigan Chieftain and Katryna Vryloka, Akasha developped impressive physical abilities and became of the Enclave’s toughest wrestler and hand to hand fighter as well as one of the best archers in Delzimmer. She can enhance her arrows with arcane magic and can match her brother Bahat’s horseriding abilities. She now takes care of Kara, her daughter with Tristan. When Kara is old enough, Akasha will return to the battlefield with Tristan.

As the daughter of the late Tuigan Chieftain and one of the three original Vrylokas, Sarangerel is the link between the two cultures and keeping the traditions of the Steppe alive in the Enclave.


Sarangerel "Akasha" Vryloka

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