Priestess of Tiamat and autoproclaimed leader of the Hoard


The Ghostwise halfling is one of the few surviving clerics of Tiamat in Ormpur after the take over by the forces of True Suikh Askulder. She seeked shelter at the orphanage where she recreated the Hoard, the mafia-like organization responsible for the collection of the tributes dedicated to Solonepsis. Using a magical item amplifying her telepathic abilities, Morgana easily took control of the orphanage’s caretaker and indoctrinated the orphans, turning them into spies and couriers for the rebels.

When she realized that the Crimson Talons had sent agents to capture some of her operatives, the priestess offered to negotiate, inviting the sellswords to a meeting in the public park. There, accompanied by a swarm of kids and halflings disguised as children, Grand Father Balteus and the ghostwise puppetmaster tried to hire the mercenaries but failed and a fierce fight started. Blue Ghost’s agents successfully subdued the whole gang and brought them back to the headquarters.

Later, during the first session of interrogation, Morgana accepted the offer of selling rebel secrets if the True Suikh would free her and accept some of her demands. She revealed the identity and location of one of the leaders of the rebellion and claimed to know about imminent operations planned by the leadership cell.



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