High Engineer Dain Garkul

Chief Siege Engineer, Battle Chaplain and Cleric of Gond


Nickname/Alias: Drowcrusher
Occupation: Head Siege Engineer and Battle Chaplain. De Facto leader of the dwarven mercenaries

Locations: Eartheart, Gate of Iron Fangs, Delzimmer, Chavyondat, Ormpur (recently)
Description: Like most gold dwarves, Dain proudly wears expensive clothes tailored from the best dwarven artisans from Eartheart. He is quite exhuberant in his attire and usually wears lots of jewelry and magical trinkets, most of them displaying innovative techniques of crafting. The dwarf cleric is a good representative of his race and heights a little more than 4’4 with a weight of 190 lbs. He keeps his dark brown hair and his beard short to ensure it will not be an hindrance for his work but he braids his beard with smell gems. In combat, he wears a breastplate designed by a fellow cleric of Gond and displaying many runes related to his family and to his god. Dain also wears his holy symbol as a clasp holding his magical cloak designed to protect him from the elements. He wields a warhammer made of adamantine marked with the cog of the Wonderbringer.

Personality: The High Engineer is seen as one of the leaders of the dwarven community in the Crimson Talons and is highly respected by the leaders of the mercenary company. Even though he spends most of his time in his workshop, Dain knows that morale is as important as good equipment to win a battle. He is as passionate in a tavern doing drinking contests and participating in brawls as he is when he is developping a new device or working on a set of armor. As a dwarf, the Gondsman also displays quite a temper when he is angry and the usual stubborness of Moradin’s children. He might be considered haughty and cocky by people who doesn’t know him as he continually brags about the superiority of the gold dwarf kingdom and its culture.

Friends: Garkul is the most popular dwarf in the Talons and he likes it. He is known among the Numestra Aporos’ advisors as someone to watch carefully as his influence over the dwarves in the army is considerable. The cleric gets along quite well with the priestess of Red Knight and they usually work together when designing new strategies to break into a fortress or the lay a siege on an enemy.


High Engineer Dain Garkul

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