Faustus Aveneil

Avaricious merchant cursed by his former allies in the Church of Tiamat and turned into an almost mindless creature by a failed ritual destined to save him


Faustus was one of Southern Faerun’s most influential merchant, sending salt to the far ends of the continent and possessing numerous contacts among the powerful. He was known for being merciless and avaricious.

When he was approached by agents of the Crimson Talons and offered a share of Solonepsis’ hoard in exchange for his collaboration in the invasion of the City of Saffron by forces loyal to Barakvar Askulder, Aveneil seized the opportunity and betrayed his allies within the Church of Tiamat. His plan backfired when he was blackmailed into handing the control of his company to Aidan Cragsmar, the son of Ormpur’s banker, and was cursed by Fireforged, the kobold priest of Tiamat working with the rebellion.

Aveneil’s curse slowly turned him into a living mummy, his skin drying and peeling and his whole body wracked by excruciating pain. Without his usual allies, the merchant left the city and hid himself in an abandoned fortress near the ruins of Shaarmid, in the Sea of Salt. There, he invited Faerun’s best healers to solve the mystery of his affliction until a group of Yuan-ti offered their services and finally proposed to transform him into one of the snakefolk to lift the curse. Their plan however was to turn him into an histachii, a slave that the servant of Sseth would probably use to increase their influence in the Western Shaar.

Fortunately for him, a group of mercenaries working for the Crimson Talons, came to his rescue and neutralized the serpentfolk with the intentions of bringing him back to their superior officers in Ormpur. Desperately trying to save him, the mercenaries worked on a modified ritual that would turn him into a normal yuan-ti. Unfortunately, the difficult ritual failed and Aveneil transformed into a histachii, becoming utterly loyal to the soldiers but also lost his intelligence in the process.


Faustus Aveneil

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