Blue Flame Pilgrims

Crazy cultists on a pilgrimage to Halruaa.


This group of pilgrims was encountered on the way to Shandaular, the meeting place of the Shaaran tribes. They were originally saved by Blue Ghost’s Birdeyes when a gnoll of the Quinix Tribe and his minions (including an halruaan behir!) attacked them.

While resting in the savannah, the group was engulfed in a wave of blue flames that merged most of the pilgrims into a massive mass of arms and claws. This “miracle” pushed the rest of the zealots into a religious frenzy, wishing to convert of kill the non-believers. Before they were brought down, one of them succeeded in killing Richard Roe, melting a large part of his body with the disease-like infection that he spread thanks to his spellscar.


Thora, leader of the group


The mysterious Hooded One, killer of Roe

The Plaguechanged mass of pilgrims

Blue Flame Pilgrims

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