The Scarred South

Operation Bloodsword Part 2

Gone Fishing

First mission report, Operation Bloodsword by Blue Ghost, Spymaster of the Crimson Talons

General, as requested we have started to gather information about the rebels in order to capture their leaders and end the threat to our employer’s rule. As the freedom fighters work in independent cells, I opted to send my men on the hunt for knowledgeable members of the rebellion who could lead us to the leadership group. In a group composed of devoted members of the Church of Tiamat, the Avaricious, I was pretty sure that we could find a few greedy or ambitious enough to sell us secrets. As expected, a few days after the start of Operation Bloodsword, I was able to reach an agreement with a young assassin, linked to a cell of field operatives, who was ready to sell us secrets about the rebellion in exchange for his release from prison. Once my agents successfully extracted him from the Dragon’s Den, Battlelord Katernin made quick work of a ritual to ensure his loyalty and said agents debriefed the assassin.
“Little Fish’s” interrogation shed some light on the resistance’s modus operandi and identified a tavern, “The Laughing Jackal”, as a meeting ground for the numerous cells forming the Ormpurian rebellion. The kid also pinpointed a weapon cache in the sewers, next to the Humble Bard and confirmed that a hit had been ordered on someone in High Command. I suggest we double the protection around you, Commander Tilden and the True Suikh. There is also the rumor that a military adviser was sent from the North to help the rebels. If it is true, we have to expect an increase in sabotage operations, in assassination attempts, and in attacks against any symbols of the new power in place. I have dispatched the same agents to capture Little Fish’s cell. Their orders are to eliminate the cells once all possible pertinent data has been obtained.

Second mission report, Operation Bloodsword by Blue Ghost, Spymaster of the Crimson Talons

August leader, you will find within these pages a precise description of the event leading to the capture and elimination of a rebel cell composed of assassins. The assassin responsible for the death of Lord Kintas Enkal was a member of this cell and his collaboration was key to the success of this mission. He revealed their hideout, located on the docks and some information about their leader, a warlock named Kaltis.
After a quick reconnaissance on the wharves, my Birdeyes prepared a plan that would take the enemy by surprise, and while took advantage of a trapdoor used to discard fish parts to infiltrate the small warehouse used as headquarters by the cell. While three of the operatives, Cotazym, Ashlan and Lucius, would enter the room by the trapdoor, evading the swarm of carnivorous fishes used to discourage infiltrators and dispose of bodies, the warriors of the group (Vondal and Tristan) would assault the front door, and Roe would cover them from afar. Unfortunately, as usual, the plan had a limited lifespan when faced with reality: while looking for hidden enemies, Vondal had missed the archer camouflaged on the roof and as Tristan moved towards the door, he was almost killed by the savage elf’s poisonous arrows. Meanwhile, inside the warehouse, the three members of the group who had successfully entered the building ended up engaged in a violent fight with the warlock and two assassins. It was hard at first to identify the leader but thanks to the information collected from our young collaborator, Ashlan finally pinpointed the warlock and focused her attentions on him. While the two identical assassins proved quite easy to neutralize, Kaltis and his wild elf acolyte gave a hard time to my operatives; Roe finally bringing down the arcanist and Vondal knocking the archer with his axes.
Their interrogation of this cell revealed the existence of weapon caches all around Ormpur, caches used by rebellion field operatives to pick up any equipment needed for a mission. It also shed light on how the leadership transferred their orders to the lower echelons: first, they are using old dwarven glyphs signifying “Greed” as a symbol, marking building as safe houses for the rebels. I immediately sent word on the street and my agents are locating and mapping all locations marked with such glyphs. We also learned that the caches were operated by a group called “The Hoard”, some sort of thieves’ guild that used to work as tax collectors for the beast that you brought down when we invaded the City of Saffron. It is plausible that some members of The Hoard are aware of their leader’s identity as they were linked in the past to the Church of Tiamat who is, from what I gathered, also behind the rebels. The prisoners were not really cooperative and a few examples were to be made. Vondal executed the wild elf while the rest of the group took turns to permanently silence the others. Only Kaltis proved to have decent information anyways and as a true patriot opposed to foreign intervention in his beloved city, he heavily resisted before the magic of Cotazym, the guile of Tristan and the intimidation skills of Roe broke him. We were also informed that a plot to kill your aide, Lady Knight Zara Sernet or a member of your group of advisors, was in the works and that everything needed to accomplish that mission was already in the cache located in the sewers beneath the Humble Bard. Hoping to find another lead towards the leadership cell, the Birdeyes fed the bodies to the fishes, not without displaying disgust and requesting permission to spare their next targets, arguing that diplomacy or bribes would be enough to steer them away from their rebellious friends.



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