The Scarred South

Operation Bloodsword Part 1

Prison Break

_Excerpt of The Governor’s Journal
9th day of Ches 1485
I woke to my captain of the guard bearing orders from his Majesty, Barakvar Askulder, the True Suikh. An important prisoner was on his way, the assassin of Kintas Enkal no less. The businessman was a representative of the Delzemaer consortium that had financed Askulder’s return to Ormpur, so I understood the Suikh’s orders not to treat the prisoner’s wounds and to prepare the courtyard for an execution at dawn. The rebels had embarrassed our new king by killing one of his strongest supporters. Anyone who was not expecting retaliation from the Suikh’s sellswords was a fool.
When “Little Fish”, as the teenaged murderer was known in the streets, was brought in, I made sure that he was locked in a cell, alone. The guards were instructed not to address him, or interact with him in any way, other than to ensure that he would not die from the injury to his feet. I was later informed that some of my men had accepted a bribe from Enkal’s assistant, a gnome named Gilchryst, to allow him and his thugs access to the assassin’s cell.
Soon after, the Dragon’s Den came was invaded by six skilled soldiers who were clearly working in concert, using guile and stealth, to easily breach the fortress walls. Two of them, a dwarf and a human, climbed over the wall surrounding the prison and escaped my men’s scrutiny. Another human and an elf came in through the front door requesting a meeting with me, using a claim of information about the prisoner as leverage. The last invaders probably used stealth and magic to penetrate the walls, likely entering the cell block through a barred window. I have concluded that the six attackers were not members of the rebellion; the rebels have tended to shy away from the use of non-lethal force. Besides which, if the rebels could make use of such impressive fighting skills and magical abilities… Well suffice to say that I am glad that they cannot. In a matter of minutes, the six infiltrators were gone as swiftly as they had arrived, leaving in their wake four incapacitated warriors, a soon to be enraged gnome arcanist, and an empty cell where my prisoner should have been.
The morning after the prisoner’s extraction, the harsh yet soothing flavour of my favorite tea was enhanced by the bittersweet sensation of watching the corrupted guards’ executions, I considered whether I could further delay my meeting with the True Suikh. While I was sure that he would appreciate the fact that having gone to all of the trouble of setting up the courtyard for an execution, I was loathed not to make use the executioner’s block, I had my doubts as to how far I could test his patience. Steadfast, but reluctant, I went to inform the True Suikh of the prisoner’s escape, knowing all too well that his Excellency would blame the rebels for its escape… Even now I remain unconvinced of the rescuers’ status as rebels; the level of skill displayed points to something else… Could this “Little Fish” have planned his escape and hired mercenaries to do the job? Or maybe rogue elements of the Crimson Talons, the foreign legion hired to wrest Ormpur from the claws of Tiamat’s church? But why would Talons even bother? They were paid directly from Solonepsis’ hoard! It is not my place to investigate but one thing is certain, I will need a new captain of the guard….



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