The Scarred South


As the scouts near the ruins of Castle Al’Hanar, they are noticed and attacked by a warband of gnolls led by an half-fiend shaman and its troll enforcer.

The Ghosts of Thruldar

The Crimson Talons are hired by the Rajah of Estagaund to fight the hordes of Veldorn, the land of Monsters and its Birdeyes are sent to scout and investigate the frontier town of Thruldar that broke contact with the capital.

New Beginnings

In the aftermath of the battle for Djerad Thymar, the Birdeyes are left with difficult choices and a new set of allies while they wait for their new assignment.

The Battle of Djerad Thymar

After neutralizing the supply line for Cor Marak’s artillery, The Birdeyes are pitted against a new weapon of the Tiamatan Army: a deadly magical poison that animated the dead as ghoul upon death. They must quickly find the origin of that weapon and stop it spread on the battlefield or Djerad Thymar will be quickly swarmed by undead.

Meanwhile, General Aporos fights General Cor Marak and their armies are upon each other.

Cat and Mouse in Tymanther

With the old priestess of Tiamat in tow, the Birdeyes infiltrate the Citadel of Black Ash in order to honor their part of the deal with Nagiru and free her followers. They discover a very old fortress occupied by many unresting souls and a few zhentarim soldiers roaming its secret corridors.

Upon achieving their mission, the team must then participate in the Battle of Djerad Thymar and are sent to neutralize the enemy’s supply lines.

The Return of the Mother of Unther

The Birdeyes are assigned the task of bringing back the deposed rebel leader, and priestess of Tiamat, Nagiru, to life and to help her retake her temple from the “Blacksaddle faction”. For this, the group involve Gregor the Healer to ensure the Spellscarred priestess won’t pose a threat to anyone upon her return.

Cinderstorm assault

After the Church of Tiamat reaches out and propose a truce, the Birdeyes are sent to the Black Ash Plain to ensure it is not a ruse.

Return of the Red Maiden

After a quick and decisive battle against the forces of Tiamat in Djerad Thymar, the Birdeyes are promoted to the ranks of corporal and rewarded by Blue Ghost. They later watch the triumphant return of their general and can realize her popularity among the dragonborns. A political battle then starts to decide the next step in the war against the rebels: reach out for peace and compromise or push and obliterate the rebels.

True Colors

In the aftermath of the capture of one of the terrorist leaders, the Birdeyes move against the other one, a priest of Tiamat manipulating the cult of Bahamut in the Catacombs below Djerad Thymar.

The Second Downfall of the Baron of Blacksaddle

The Birdeyes are charged by Blue Ghost to capture two of Djerad Thymar’s terrorist leaders before the return of the Red Maiden.


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